The night of the Whores (Poem)

By: Rico Malvaez

At night, when you keep the liquor and cold,
Stroll down the avenue being alone
and you … without shelter.
Cigarette after eagerly pursuing it,
The sad memory of your cruel hell.
What comforts you cry, you will not vanish?
And you’re skin and cold and nobody belong,
Remember songs in dingy taverns,
If you’re skin and cold in bohemian nights.
Romantic dress is broken over time,
Solid gold yesterday … and today,
The shadow on a rack,
Night princess, queen on the occasion,
Your life also revolves a heart that withers.
Now you can rest and dream of your life, roaming the streets and brothels sad,
Sweet courtesan walking without a coat,
Tomorrow Skin and cold
They will be forgotten.

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