Beelzebub bells (Poem)


Inspired in the book ” The Revolution of Bel ”

From: Samael Aun Weor



By: Rico Malvaez

Tell me,  why the bell tolls ?

Tell me, if the sky is mourning ?

I hear the cry in front of the mausoleum ,

That is damaged by weather and green is its image .

Running under the sky and on the field,

Where sow the letters of your knowledge ,

Son of the Sun , brother of Icarus ,

Where the bells that mourn your second life ? .

You went down to the bottom of yourself and you fell at the end:

No sleep, no laughter , no tears, no mourning,

Archaic Prince on wings of fire ,

Where have you hidden the book of your legend ? .

Son of the Sun December , has planted in me :

The magic of your resurrection and the penalty for your sad involution

Father of the Chimera , father of the mandrake night ,

Father of my sin.

Under a veil that bloodied people ,

Baptized the moon with your name ,

With you : fell gods and became

In hell , kings vassals and slaves in nothing.

Time not remember my dream by the fire ?

The flame still burning night after night ,

For you, for me, for eternity that hides

Your ancient legend , Prince Charming .

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