Short Poems (Poems)

By: Rico Malvaez


I – Smile

Your smile looks out again, but calm ,

you’ve gone to look ahead ,

you’ve left everything behind

and walk placid , …

There is nothing more … after the storm.


II . – Internal Voice

There are times I think and think deeply

And when I ponder what I’m thinking , I hear my own voice

And I realize the connection that I have with myself

And that’s what makes me build letters and writing poetry.



III . – Parallel Love

I do not know if you call it love, I do not know whether to call or just want to sleep

I do not know whether to stay awake and walk following a dream

I do not know if you look back and see that there is more than a plain old desert

I do not know , really do not know if I can actually call this … love or desire.



IV . – Dream I

From a sigh will paint a future of flat plastic and emotion ,

I go to close eyes briefly and clothe you with stars , with a fleeting smile ,

Looking for diamonds and emeralds to light a path ,

but , I’ll stay alone, waking , remembering that you do not exist and that I’m still alone .



V. – Between moans

Between groans and sound of the wind, crossed the grove,

walked along the river and its shadow was lost to hear a noise,

thundering steps to tread the leaves, thunder and the trees leaves themselves are astonished .


Do not come near the grove , do not walk along the river , the water keeps your dreams, the trees keep your secrets , … but not your screams .



VI . – Dream II

While I slept , the beast came , …

Walk in  my bedroom and no more … he left

waking, just a scratch on the door I saw ,

the window was ajar , escaped around .


VII . – Book I

It has been this time, it has been ?

It does not feel or the breeze , nor wind , nor cold,

You’ve left us sad, lonely , abandoned, forgotten.

The leaves shrivel nonstop ink one day

Her lives now only as powder goes.



VIII . – Book II


What happened here ? A claim or who to turn to ?

Sad and empty in a corner of a closet dirty and cold ,

Abandoned, without words already written

And only I remain , silent and thoughtful .

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