The Shadow of desire (Poem)

The Shadow of Desire

The Shadow of Desire



In a joint project with Wojciech Lorbiecki, colleague in cultural adventures. We present a project called “GRAFITS”, composed paintings, photographs, letters and songs.  Giving an adventure full of colour and musical notes, ranging from most common tastes to the exquisite pleasures of everyday life. Welcome to the beginning of a new adventure, into charts, plasmas and musical notes.
By: Rico Malvaez



I don’t know if it is a dream, or is far from reality,

The temptation to approach my calm as chimera’s fire,

As spectrum gradually entering,

And it runs through the walls of my room.


That seduction at midnight breath

From soft breeze and cold, sprayed weeping temptation spectrum,

Spectrum makes me succumb in a silent whisper,

Yet I do, I don’t ask you to stay away from my bed.


You sit quiet at the foot of my bed

And without blinking  you turn around to see me,

I feel your hands warm, I feel your breath

And I hear your breathing,… do you exist?


I do not want to turn to watch your eyes,

Although I know that seduces me every moment,

Each night when you walk around my room

And steal my breath, and steal my dreams.


I have reflected in your eyes my desire,

I reflected on your back my comfort,

I reflected on your lips my kiss,

To me take back to this place.


In a clock, that marks the hours, minutes … of the night,

In a sad loneliness behavior, loneliness,

It comes and goes for me; it comes and goes for me.

That clock chronological shadowing close to you.


From midnight to arrive and look at me,

Break the silence with laughter, in your face, …in my face?

You have drawn your desire to be with me, this last night,

In addition, have tattooed my name, along with the rose, on your back.


No wish to play; you draw hearts in the air,

With fear I see at the foot of my bed

And I let you go; I let you vanish each morning

And I call in silent and I wish you… at  the dusk.

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