Sports Discipline (1st Part) Waldo Garcia WBFF Pro (Interview)


Waldo Garcia WFFB Pro

Waldo Garcia WFFB Pro










By: Rico Malvaez

Waldo Garcia Tinajero: Personalized Professional Trainer “Fitness” and bodybuilding, WABBA Champion 2008,   sub champion in Musclemania 2008, Mr. Mexico 2009, Mr. Morris Cup 2009 National Champion 2011, sub champion in  Mr. America 2011, Absolute World Champion WBFF in Toronto Canada, (among other titles of bodybuilding has achieved nationally).

WG – Well I started exercising since I have use of reason, from the three years I have a physical activity, driven by my parents, I come from a sporting family, my dad was always there to push me to get achievements in sporting . I’ve been through many sports, I started in swimming, martial arts, rowing, weightlifting, etc.., Many sports until I was fifteen to what really was my passion of life, which is the bodybuilding What really motivated me from child, was an idea to see the very muscular superheroes, I saw it as something unattainable until I started going to a gym, I met good teachers, good coaches nationwide and this was driving more my interest develop myself within through the physical, each year saw changes in my body, but I needed more. In this way I also introducing me to the training courses of the Mexican Federation of Physical bodybuilding, nutrition courses, training courses, physiology etc., Etc., Each time to prepare more, without ever thinking or visualizing what it would be A few years later, he did just because I liked it, with a passion, so I was getting into the beautiful game, I took many courses. I am an architect by profession, my career in architecture alternated with my training and my courses or simply saw it as a hobby, because here in Mexico is difficult to live and live well in a sport of high performance and the bodybuilding that is outside the advertising that give other sports, such as football.

I started my preparations for competitions in 2005, was my first national event, previously had won some small local events but it was in 2005 when I started my first adventure for the national competitions, winning the third place in novice 75 to 80 kilograms. That’s exactly when I realized the potential it had as an athlete and what he could do in the middle of the physical, because there were many people and many athletes who had many years dedicated to this and I came to this event with more quality muscle. I was leading with nationally recognized coaches as: Roberto Lopez, Gabriel Vazquez, the two Mr. Mexico, were guiding me towards the discipline required to be a champion, the next year, in 2006, got fourth in novice I felt I did not put so much dedication, it is precisely because of my career as an architect had other activities and it was very difficult to get to 100%, in fact it reaches 100 in that event, but be within the top five in Mexico at any category, I think it’s pretty good. Later I went to ranked 2007, competed in ranked 65 kilograms, I reached the end and this was my first event where I proposed to orient physical serious, failing to see architecture as a way of life, I changed the view to physicist and this year I decided to involve my life completely in the bodybuilding and left the architecture, that although I was doing quite well as an architect. I believe that in life you have to do what your heart dictates and passion for doing things, that is the goal of life we ​​have everyone here on earth.

LP – Like it’s time to feel when you’re ready for a Mr. Mexico?

WG-I decided to focus and rest for a year, my skills, because really my goal was to win the 2009 Mr. Mexico, I had a year of preparation and the following year, (they were two years I prepared for 2009), and because I won my category 70 kilograms in Mr. Mexico ranked really reach that goal was very important for my life, because it was really confirmed it was there and I knew that I made to be Body Builder.

LP – Sacrifices?

WG-It’s a passion that you have to live to know it, much sacrifice, a lot of discipline, a lot of diet and many sacrifices in many ways, plenty of rest, obviously while your friends are going to party you’re eating and resting, or doing other activities where there catabolism, leave many things, many sacrifices and I got it in 2009.

LP – What year comes the achievement and you get physical instructor?

WG-In 2010 I put my gym and as such was an achievement on a personal level, because putting a gym in Mexico is quite expensive and it takes many things, permits etc. etc. Everything I was taking to achieve put, did not compete that year because I was focused on growing my business as a brand right now and I have and grow my team competitors, physical fitness and bikini, I was focusing on a more academic work, I prepared to teach courses nationally and coach, by the Institute of Sport Federal District Bodybuilding Association and Federal District and each time they stuck more to this which is a passion that is physical. I have met many people, our team has always be starring in national events and have participated in many international competitors of our team, the “Elite Team”, obtaining very good places, second, third, fourth and this year I want to be first in North America, which is in September and there goes my preparation and a trainer of the Institute of Federal District sport’m nationally certified coaches, we need skilled people.

LP – What support have you received from the authorities?

WG-Our federation has supported us as it should. I have the idea and assured that this year we will be at the international level in many countries competing for Mexico. We know that here in Mexico braces are very hard to get and obviously very few people get them but nothing is impossible. I am working very hard to get international holdings to represent Mexico in Europe and the U.S., which is what interests me most. Now I want to go to the Arnold Classics in Europe, which is in November and September to Mr. North America, we are preparing many athletes with international quality, as Nancy Rodriguez, who is the best youth Bikini Mexico, to mention some.

LP – What have vision and focus for the near future?

WG-My vision is to spread our national sport and big business or big sports brands turn their heads to see ourselves as the great business we can be for them, because football is obviously a very important position within the media and I think our sport is also very attractive to people and what you need is spread and be more media, more broadcasting, radio, television, magazines and my work is focused on spreading the sport nationally and internationally. I have several interviews with Latino MD, also has called attention to the preparations we have done and the places we have obtained the national level first, and internationally to the events we have participated. Right now I’m a promoter of bodybuilding throughout the Mexican Republic giving courses and training for coaches and competitors in bodybuilding fitness and bikini in many States of Mexico. Exhibits, recordings of several promos for prowinner supplement brands and some magazines and websites

-As I commented I’m in to  the international professional category where we are only four Latin American guys,  my pro debut will be in Vegas on 23 and 24 August at Planet Hollywood, and I’m the only the only Mexican qualified in this  categorie for this event.

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