The Puppets (Poem)

By: Rico Malvaez

Let’s the puppet play
Do tell their stories and dreams
When them awake, and want to stand up,
Not knowing that they are only puppets.

Let dance, go and come
Wanting to move from one place to another;
But running, … never will.

They believe cunning and sly glances
dark and scare you,
But if you short the ropes
They fall to the ground and left in shadows.

Let’s the puppet play with you
Let’s them feel strong
But never show them to look up
And to see who runs the ropes.

Let’s hiding under the bed,
Behind the door, along with the drawer,
But never let’s them out,
they get Lost and go crazy
And the strings do not respect them,
they understand they are puppets.

They think are unique, think they are superior,
But with you, … nothing changes!, Nothing changes!
They are just puppets
“Only Puppet”.

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