Confession in the rain (Poem)

By Rico Malvaez:

I walked this morning in the rain
And my feet get wet without comfort, without destination
That cold awakening today, without hunger and sleep
I’m still  walking in the rain.

I think I’m starting to grow old
Well!,  today I’m not glad to see the wet street,
With drops of rain, with drops that bring back memories,
and bring my  sadness back.

First time in my life I find the meaning of the word sadness
And it comes drenched in tears from my eyes, silently drops in my eyes,
Falling to the floor I’m stepping and falling to a vacuum unanswered
Because today, without being black day brings this melancholy?, That give me grief.

Because without answering my silent cries and cold, I see that come to me?
This rain woke me up and made me understand that today
It is the day we expect to see in my life,
Just came and took me by surprise, with a cold rain and melancholy.

If I confess now say that life is not going in the same direction that I dreamed
I woke up just more melancholic and empty on other days
Empty, drier and more just,
Neither the shadows of my dreams come now to me, today I have left alone.

How sad to see the rain this morning, that cold awakening
That melancholy sonata that overlooks my crying nonstop
And yet I write, soaking my sheet where I write
And soaking my chest and my soul dry.

Now I believe that today, and I see this day as well and sadly
And with this cold and I flooded creek to the bone,
Without thinking and just peeking out the window
It do not stop the rain, and I did not stop mourn.

Now I think I’ve begun to stop dreaming
And I see the ground where cold and sad story
Because with this rain I confess
I have begun to age.

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