The virgin lover (Poem)

By: Rico Malváez

And I bet the best game and lost,
All night, just thinking about you
That uneasy waiting all night,
Calm night, the ticking comes and goes
And me, haunts me every moment.

Fleeting image of a summer morning
Skin to skin, smooth and soft, wrapped in dreams,
A laugh that is lost in the smoke of Illusions
And I … I just hope, hope for dawn.

In a moment of reflection, with a cup of coffee,
Looking cold environment and cornered me,
I see that image in front of me, again naked,
And my faith to penetrate and warm embrace of his words sleeplessness
Stealing ideas, passions theft, Stealing Dreams
I am sick of wills, with that blue passions
With that subtle smile on her lips crimson, inspiring lover,
Fleeting lover, and without stopping to think
Back in my room automatic,
And the ticking imprison me again.

If everything I write is what will take the wind,
Embrace your passion of a thousand charms fleeting
I send kisses and receive blessings,
Amante night, penniless lover.

Back to writing and only think of you,
I eagerly devoured the poems of Sabines
And those letters I know you, I know how to lie
What impatience to see sunrise again
That impatience of knowing you near, near me.

Morning arrives and I hurriedly scampers impatient
The ticking is not over and makes me close my eyes for a moment …
Come to me again, do not leave me now
If you had lips  I kiss you,  I hug you if you had body
I call you muse, I call you lover , I call you every time.

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