The man in the mirror (Poem)

By:  Rico Malváez

After the cold shower that dawns on me, on dry lips and eyes glued to a tired eyelids and pain accompanied internal regret.
Accompanied by sleepless thinking and thinking about you, that accompanies cigarette after my guitar in a song of gypsy, a gypsy agitated by worry of burning the skin, skin alive the desire to love woman corners him, cornered him without barriers, just excited.
What to wear this morning, if I go out from the day before yesterday? What you gave me I have not slept, and what I need to enter you? I need a glass of water right now, or I drink or shot … again! Since matter if I drank all the wine I brought the way of that bottle that was on the wall.
Although search and if I look up under the bed, I will not find … that answer catches me and gets me as prey, a philanthropist in the wall, the door of my room to the living room window, easily I can not lose, like last night I felt that it was the answer to why I started drinking.
Women, I’ve found you … lost in the notes os my guitar, in the gentle kiss that seduces in a morning at sea, who sings and sings in the window of the beloved in the tone of a minstrel, I’ve left a note in the mirror, a mirror that reflects a silence, a vacuum, and you made me sad to see the reality … and accidentally.

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