The farewell (Poem)

By: Rico Malvaez

And I kissed her breasts before say goodbye                                               I looked at his eyes watching me … and called me.
Night fell and was arriving autumn That breeze so fresh, so perverse that breeze.

I played it back to hear nothing but a sigh me back to earth, I swore not to say anything, or my fondest dream, but … I betrayed My eyes glazed over when he saw a light out of the litter that fell without caprice He announces the arrival of a season and the end of innocence And yet, I kept pretending to know nothing, say nothing.

I stroked her hair, before leaving, What thin figure appeared behind the curtain of these lace blue Caprice And among those maple colored wires say goodbye to him again, and now without contemplation, She still saw me and … no words, we communicate and with a silent kiss, The wind blew again, we made ​​one, three in one breath, one breath.

We had to say goodbye before nightfall And I had to fire at the precise moment that took communion Tasteless life Goodbye, goodbye delight delighted, automatic bye And … welcomed me, just when … of dawn.

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