Johnny Laboriel (A conversation with a young man from yesterday)

Johnny Laboriel

Johnny Laboriel









By: Rico Malváez
This time, in my visit  to Mexico City, I gave myself the task of finding a mainstay of Mexican Rock & Roll, a person along its trajectory has maintained for nearly 54 years in the art scene ; his personality , great voice and sense of humor have been an example for many of the singers   and musicians  in this great city.

The always fresh, young  and friendly Johnny Laboriel, opened the doors of his house and pleasant chat told us a bit of his history and his tenure in the rock music and opinion in these new times.

Johnny Laboriel was born in Mexico City on July 9, 1942, from his schooling stood out as the best singer student, so that at 19 years old, in 1958, he joined the group of Rock & Roll ” Rebels of Rock “, where he began his career.
Creating your own style as a singer, he managed a chain of more than 50 radio hits and big sales in Latin America with songs like: Melody of Love, Poison Ivy, When the apple blossom, Love Story, The Child Danielito, Twist and Shout, Rock of  little angel, Kansas City, A fool like me, Run Samson Run, the raffle, and more.
Many successes were making a musical phenomenon of the ’60s. It is often presented in the famous rock 7.30 program that was transmitted by his mother’s house, Televisa, whose facilities were in the building of the National Lottery. Right there Emilio Azcarraga congratulated him for the impact it had in Mexico and then came “Premier Orfeón a Go Go” and many programs with Mr. Perez Alcaraz.
Later  he leave the group and became independent and consolidated nationally has a  “showman”. Then he jumped on huge festivals to pioneer OTI be accepted as a singer and as rockin seriously. Achieved such an impact that Mr. Raúl Velasco invited him to his program “Siempre en Domingo”, (Always Sundays), which was broadcast on Channel 2 in Mexico for 25 years, placing it among the best romantic crooners, especially for playing “Lady Heart” by Felipe Gil in 1978, as well as tropical interpretations as “Oye Salome” and “my little boy Cyril” soap opera “Carousel”.
Currently, Johnny Laboriel making presentations is active throughout the Americas. And that’s how we found Johnny Laboriel on a hot afternoon, at home and in a very nice chat with a young man from yesterday.

Johnny Laboriel
-OK, my name is Juan Jose Laboriel Lopez (Johnny Laboriel) I was born on July 9, 1942, in Mexico City. –
-I am a singer, actor, took 53 years singing, no group started, only with my voice, singing songs such as, “Granada”, “Imperial Violets” and later entered a radio contest and won success with the “Kings of Rock “and later, with Mr. Jesus Martinez ” stick “, who was our best man, because he was who we christened the Rebels of Rock, our success was very quick, we put 50 songs on the charts . –
-My youth was very beautiful, but bumpy, identity problems. I call the  attention for being dark-skinned, brown, and sepia, “Little Brown Man”, but in Mexico they say “Look Black” color blind eyelets.

Being born in Mexico and it is great that there is no racism here, pure chatter, always joke about the colour:-That laugh you do not look, if you’re good command thee to reveal, and burnt-sugar, and so . –
-As I grew older I began to see people as a competition to see who annoyance, beating people, I was very good at the bar, swing, doing show to outdo others, although I get to give a Madrazos (fight) always with that little complex of wanting to outdo the others. As a priest once told me: – “The people do not see brothers but see steps”-is like being served ladder. From there I became very gangster, I did discounter fame, until the school saved my beautiful voice he had and still have and that helped a lot. Teachers sent me to festivals and I told my friend Ruiz task so I sang good. Then it began to emphasize with my voice and later met the Kings of Rock, won a competition in 1958, but before I participated in singing competitions like “Art and Skill”, and won all, my voice always helped me . – -Whenever we play covers, original songs we had at that time, we were all the Universe Gilberto Gless, (Imitator), – When I started to hear Pedro Infante: – ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ Let my misfortune; and heard the trios: – ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ Always White Page radio, there was nothing original, always did covers.
– “Radio Hits” made a program looking for singers, a friend of mine, Ruiz Lopez, told me there was competition, then went to Radio albums, was both the impact caused to sing “Tutti Frutti” a thousand times and I pulled and to all a show, there were the Kings of Rock, then went to the theater and there stick Follis told us already many kings, Teresita Reyes Brothers, the Magi, the Three Kings, and we put the Rebels of Rock. Stick also named the Santanera Sonora. But it seems incredible that the Rebels of Rock had anything but rock and rollers, but rather was the calypso: – ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ You look like a rose – … – ♫ ♪ But nobody knows eh eh eh eh eh ♫ ♪ – …. – ♫ ♪-Melody of love, born of the soul voice ♫ ♪, pure calypso of rockanroleros we had nothing there if watered stick. –
-Rock bands of that era were born as gangs: – What if my gang is the Warrior, I am of the Anzures, that the bad guys Peralvillo-, and so, then the gang of rebels was Rock ” South 59 “, 159-A, back in Ermita Iztapalapa, although I was born in Roma, but the Rebels were in Iztapalapa. (all this places in Mexico City).
-If we had been as now, with a song that you become a millionaire, a single song! – -We had 50 hits, we were not rich, and I threw everything in excess, all the money I made, the boom was very quick. With the “Poison Ivy” It took us 11 hours to record, was the first hit and then came all, notice that this was going to win us Juan Luis Guerra, but the first LP, all successes, it had no past or Elvis Presley, all 10 songs, hits the 10, was the hit that gave wonderful. –
-Our race was very little time together, who knows more about this story is Paco Domínguez, “Grandpa”, which holds all the time we lived together. Dedicated to live in the past, he says we last seven years, we lasted very little. I also for my addiction, and was much chaos, and I did a lot of music and sent me to fly, cool, I get inspired to say but it was, in a sense, it was too late, for me to loved, I loved the Rebels, I want to die like the Three Diamonds, always together, but Paco de la Barrera said, “It is time for the soloists ,” and I did not listen, so I’m screwed. Enrique Guzman came in time to the “Teen Tops” and became a millionaire, Cesar Costa is out in time for “Black Jeans” and became a millionaire, Manolo Muñoz of “Gibson Boys”, became a millionaire, Alberto Vazquez, he was always solo, by feature that much.
-It’s amazing, despite having addictions since my departure from the Rebels, never went down, I was still taken very successful or high-
-The administrative issue had much to do. First we had a very bad records company, “Orfeon Records”, that was the biggest mistake. However, Enrique Guzman in “Columbia,” which is “Sony Music” right now, Enrique Guzman spread throughout Europe, so Cesar Costa traveled much and not because he was also in Choir, notice how the recorder has to do both. – I, in these 53 year career I have never stopped working, what was left was to record, if you see the videos, all the videos have the same songs, you know?, The same songs for 53 years. If I had a good writer and a good administrator, everything would be different- – I flung festivals Sept. OTI hit with “Lady Heart” hit with “Love” hit with “I chose to be born in Mexico,” but there it was. Then I did a soap opera called “Carousel Kid”, out came the cumbia song “My child Cirilo” and nothing happened. However, some people with a single song exploit too, that nothing happens but someone back and make success-

-I had a song called the “Tombola” from the movie “All power,” (Mexican movie), I sing on the soundtrack of the film and that was for it to be successful but nothing happened, no step what should happen in Monterrey  I’m an idol, thanks to the rock band Plastilina Mosh. –
– I recorded a song with Alejandro Lora, (Mexican singer) a song called “It would Gacho” and only left in the choir and I did not hear me and just put me on the cover, the album sold a lot, I assure you it was Lora who manage so was his wife. –
– It’s a wonderful experience to sing for the true race and very successfully, but I as a rebel and not conform to what I would say, I’d stick with the people and say: – “I hop” – and I was among people, it’s amazing that executives do not want what the people want, but it’s ironic, do not like because no one does and I fuss the henhouse, why is it a mistake?, if you work, if you owe the public you stay with the public.
– I can tell you that I have been a successful man, and since I quit drugs 40 years ago I did what I wanted and what I’ve always wanted is for good people. There are others who take advantage and give you the finger atole and you can not complain because it’s your own atole (laughs) -. – My voice is 69 years, and there are people who listen to the songs and I wonder if it’s me and realize that my voice is 69 and so will be when re-record. –
-It’s amazing how far Mexico, I love with all my soul, is living on past failed purposes. How sad that stick, my godfather, who was a political comedian, his show for 36 years was the same show critic, the same, do you realize that the past continues to dominate in Mexico?
– If we realize that even in other countries is nothing new, it is still the same, are variations on a theme and remain riflemen, nothing else changes from Bill Haley to Guns n ‘Roses and Guns n’ Roses imitating Little Richard . If you watch American Idol and X-factor, this new concept of competition, there is nothing new and you see a black, more shrill than me, good old crying over that disqualified, wanted to surprise Simon Cowell and basically nothing Again, all Black wants to sing like Mahalia Jackson, Tony Braxton, who sang – ♫ ♪ Oh! Lord I love you, Oh! my Lord ♫ ♪ – just the change: – ♫ ♪ Oh love, I love you! Oh Love! ♫ ♪ – nothing new. -I do not have clicked the Internet so far, although I know that it is becoming a better speaker, nothing else needs to know how to manage and sell through this, it’s amazing -My plan is to get better and if it’s OK, as you begin to plan, now my biggest project is to be myself, I’m finding myself, which is as father and as the basis of that you can do several things. The project that I bring is wonderful, revitalizing: “The little rocker girl”, ” Cirilo’s cumbia”, “The Raffle”, get a CD with all my plans failed, what I did with Manolo Muñoz, with the sluggard, publicize, as a friend said to me: – “Johnny, it’s time that people realize that you sing” – make the Big Bang. – I’m nervous, with three projects:

1. – Make boleros, I’m nervous, because it will be the first time I’m going to do something by myself, and I will not cross the street, not like before when I asked Wander and wham, gladly – Ah, but not so!, nothing was the street – (laughs).

2. – Mr. Carlos Slim, gave me “The History of Rock and Roll, are 10 videos, I will take, no one has done and I experienced it, then it’ll be” The History of Rock and Roll “with if someone lived.

3. – The things I’ve wanted to do, the things I’ve always wanted to do: Opera, Big Band, all that is left in the pack, get over it. – Also in the pipeline, I’m still thinking, called “There are a Rock and Roll Tonight” by Francisco Oyanguren, are: Julissa, Enrique Guzman, Benny Ibarra, Ricardo Carrion, Armando Martinez and me is a musical, Vaseline is an old, singing the hits of the Rock. – – I want to remain an artist all eternity, not think there’s a better place in the world to be an artist, living life with art-.
So we end this conversation with Johnny Laboriel, a young man from yesterday, that vitality and love of life that characterizes him, I left him and back to my house I could not stop singing a song that taught me years ago in Latin American Tower and is now liked by my young son: – ♫ ♪ Look at her, look at her, she is very sad, look at it, oh! how sad this – ♫ ♪ – ♫ ♪ My little rocker … my little rocker  is very sad because the cumbia – ♫ ♪ – ♫ ♪ Because cumbia sent for me … – ♫ ♪.

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