Elizabeth’s Carriage (poem)

By: Rico Malvaez

… When you walked,
The river ran the other way, not now,
Laugh at the fruit
That comes from me, not now,
More than a light from heaven, forgive my sadness,
More than wanting a gem
I fall to the ground … stumbled.

You  turned thousands of candles,
You turn off a breath … my body heat,
I dry it with my blankets,
Winter … the claim, not now,
I love you, I love your essence,
I cry when I kiss your scent your crypt,
I die for you … dreaming, not now.

Tender smile in the rain
Kissing the glass …,
Looking three carriages that carry:
The memories, when we were traveling together,
That come with your body and my sadness …
To your final journey;
When night fell,
In front of you … kiss the altar,
I turned away and quiet
A look at the woods behind the portal …

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