Rico Malvaez

Rico Malvaez

By: Rico Malvaez

I was born in Mexico in early prodigious decade, according to stadistics books worldwide, 1970, the beginning of a decade with the look and focus of a better future, full of love and peace, hippie wave , something starting in the 60’s, were an overcrowded juvenile stream, and then be old fashioned, but, well that’s another story.

In the year of 1992 with two friends of lyrics, music, partying bohemian,  Alonso Bronze and Cuicani,  used pseudonyms until then, the tradition and poetic way, like The Duke of Job (Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera), Rubén Darío (Felix Rubén García Sarmiento) and Pablo Neruda (Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto) and signing my letters as Mario Robles Tarzo, began my adventure into letters in general.

We took on the task of exploring the poetic and literary currents, trying to make a better work, weekend meetings and sometimes in coffee station in Pedregal de San Angel and Coyoacan bars, in the south of Mexico City,  were our contact centers, making poetry of our main motivation.

We decided to face the challenge of finding a publication and a space that we support and to diffusion show our work and know that we were in the world of letters, integrating “The corporation of new poets”

A year later and after making some changes and fixes and with the invaluable support of Professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mr. Ramon René Rosales Hernández, born small book or pamphlet “Poems at the edge of winter,” consisting with 15 poems, five poems by writer and obeying the fabulous and great advice from Mr. Alejandro Aura, Mexican writer and playwright,  who talked on “The Raven son”, in Coyoacan, in Mexico City, we distribute our work for free at the Fair Book International in Mexico City,in 1993,  thanks to the support and help of my great and dear friend Estela Flores Medina, who got us a room at a forum to present this work, getting good anser from the attendees .

I should mention that with Estela Flores Medina  I was co-founder of the “AME Universitario”, “Metropolitan Student Association”, where our main task was to disseminate cultural activities and events in the universities of the Federal District, table discussions and concerts, as well as arrange visits to tourist and cultural centers such as: The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Angangueo, Michoacan state, the archaeological area of Teotihuacan, located in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan, east of the State of Mexico and the Caves of Cacahuamilpa, in the state of Guerrero, among other places and activities.

The writing was and currents were reaching everywhere, and sometimes no good influences and the drawbacks of life made us to part ways, leaving aside the society of poets and undertaking my way out the other way, like Alonso Bronze and Cuicani, meeting again for a radio interview six years later, American Radio Transcontinental, which  I was sometimes music programmer and announcer and locator, on that occasion, in a special dedicated to poetry.

So I kept writing for a while, when I was invited in small stakes in brochures and magazines classifieds in some areas in Mexico City, in the cultural  area and integrate as music programmer in the station shortwave radio “Radio XERTA Transcontinental America “that was located in the Torre Latinoamericana, (Latinoamerican Tower), on the 37th floor, in a show called “On line”, which had eventually share the microphone and especially on Fridays, read my poems, songs associated with covering the same theme and having discussions about letters roundtable with some speakers of the radio station, especially with Alejandro Arzumanian, classically trained musician, writer and poet, who invite a talk about poetry, in a program that would last an hour and taking spaces provided two other programs, by the intensity of his words and the subject so deep that we were trying. That time I remember a poem from Arzumanian from  his youth and brought him fond memories, to me that was even close to the essence of love, I just could say to him: “-A poem has start date, but never expires,” , to which he welcome my sentence and more in the case of a poem that brought him to always present on that occasion ended in Sanborn’s restaurant from the Historic Center of Mexico City for more hours in deep conversation and some drinks.

When closing the Radio station and meet different ways and thinking of a new beginning I closed my book and the journey in a job that I would travel the world for 10 years and forgetting for a long time writing and reading. Eventually wrote and never published anything, I felt that my lyrics have seen this nuance and deep and mature.

It was two years ago, on a visit to Mexico City, that my uncle and great friend, Mr. Juan Martin Malvaez Ramirez, who always supported and encouraged me to keep writing and a commitment to resume my work as a writer,  he introduced  with Pedro Luis Suarez Flores, editor of the magazine  “Letrónica of Ventoquipa”, and inviting me to join the group of writers , where I contributed a job in the last two years, writing poetry, features and interviews. With the support of my uncle and friend Juan Martin, create  “Letras Plateadas” “Silver Letters” , a name taken from a series of poems I wrote in memory of my father and that is my letter to all of you and I’ll keep active until the mind stop giving me ideas or until you close the last contact with the world of writing.

The last name and not leave them behind, if not for being an important part of this presentation is to you, that from now and be part of the history of the “Silver Letters” and a friendship that begins now.

your friend:  Ricardo “Rico” Malvaez

You can write to, any comments or questions, help us grow this project and make it ours, can follow the posts and get updates to be  follower of the page, just enter your email address and we arrived all reports to your account.

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  1. To all my friends who live in England, Australia, United States and countries where English is an official language, I give the presentation in English of my page Letras Plateadas “Silver Letters”, a space for poetry, chronicles, interviews and multicultural, I hope enjoy this window to the letters in general, his friend Rico Malvaez


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